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Workshops for Crossroads District • Hosted by Lake Effect Cooperative Ministries

Saturday, January 29, 9:00 A.M. — 3:15 P.M. • Snow date February 5

Registration with $5 fee is due January 24 and includes soup and salad lunch. Click here for registration form.

Lay Leader Training: We will begin with a power point from the general board on what lay leading in all about. This is an overview and the intent is to have an interactive – sharing of where we are – what we do – what we would like to do – roadblocks to overcome and how to use our responsible position to help all bring people to God and to encourage people to comprehend the resurrection faith –

The target audience is lay leaders and pastors – all others who have an interest
Presenter is Jeffrey Morey, Crossroads District Lay Leader

Evangelism: This workshop will focus on the importance of evangelism in the local church and share ideas and information to help build this ministry area.

The target audience is anyone with a passion to spread the Gospel and build the Kingdom.

Presenter is Rev. Dr. BJ Norrix, Christ Community UMC, Syracuse

Stewardship: This workshop will present some basic concepts of stewardship programs. In addition, some creative and practical ideas will be shared. This would include how Henry, at 16 months, was the spokesperson for a recent campaign.

Target audience is anyone interested in experiencing new ways to present stewardship programs.
Presenter is Rev. Bradford Hunt, Andrews Memorial UMC

S/PPRC : This workshop will cover all of the information that is required for the members of this committee to know according to the Book of Discipline.

Target audience is them members of the local church S/PPRC committees.

Presenter is Rev. Darryll Barrows, Crossroads DS

Web Design/Maintenance and Social Networking: This workshop will give an overview of what is needed to design and set up a web site for your church.  It will also cover what it takes to maintain accurate up to date information and will look at cautions and benefits of social networking. (ie; Facebook, Twitter etc.)

Presenter TBA

Christian Education – The New Sunday School: Using the model that Lycoming UMC is currently working from a new way of doing Sunday School will be shared.  Lycoming is currently seeing success with this model.  They transform their church to the theme of their program.

Target audience is anyone with a passion to teach and reach children to build the Kingdom.

Presenter is Robin VanHorn, Sunday School Superintendant of Lycoming UMC

Clergy Finance: This workshop will be a question and answer style workshop for clergy to be able to discuss withholdings, tax preparation and exemptions.

Target audience will be all clergy.

Presenter will be Bill Symons from Computer Accounting Services, Oswego.

Church Finance: This workshop is designed to provide needed information to the local church finance teams.  It will be a place to ask questions and discuss church financial record keeping, billing, auditing and filing.

Target audience is church treasurers, finance committee members, and clergy.
Presenter is Sherri Mackey, Conference Treasurer

Rethink Church – Change the World This workshop will present some basic concepts of Rethink Church and Change the World programs that have been done over the last two years. In addition, some creative and practical ideas will be shared.

Target audience is anyone interested in reaching outside the church four walls.
Presenter is Rev. Elyse Skiles, Oswego Center and Southwest Oswego UMC

Trustees: This workshop is designed to meet the Book of Discipline guidelines for training the Board of Trustees for the local church.

Target audience is members of the local church Trustees.

Presenter TBA

Health & Wellness Ministries:  This workshop is designed to give an overview of the role that a Health & Wellness Ministry can play in developing a “Good Samaritan” style church.  Minetto UMC’s model will be used as a guide and conversation may develop for the training of Parish Nurses.

Target audience is anyone with a passion or gift to serve in the area of health and wellness.  You do not need to be a nurse to attend however nurses are encouraged to take part in this workshop.

Presenters will be Bill Martin, RN, Minetto UMC and Rev Tammie Nipper, RN, Palermo & N. Volney UMCs

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