Reports of Previous Youth Group Meetings

June 5, 2011 Meeting

MY GOD: Minetto Youth Group of Disciples (as always, the youth group is open to anyone in 5th grader or higher – hope to see you soon)

Additional Ideas
see a separate email about a special youth-led evening service on Sun, 6/12 at State Street UMC (hoping that some will be able to attend and get to meet other youth groups)

Keep up-to-date through our Youth Group website: (thanks to Dr. Tryon for keeping us connected through the internet)

Feel free to contact Randy Dohse {343-6097 /} or Debbie (Rockhill) Daby {343-8301 /} or Pastor Chuck with any questions

May, 2011 meetings

Decided on name:  MY GOD: Minetto Youth Group of Disciples
Created posters for display in church hallway – lists meeting dates and upcoming activities
Developed an outline plan for car wash (to be held in mid-summer)

April 17, 2011 Meeting

Attend the meeting and watch for the report here.

April 3, 2011 Meeting

The Youth Group met on Sun, Apr 3 and we started making plans for upcoming activities:

  • it was decided that we would like to plant a garden – and give the vegetables to the Freewill Dinner (still have to work out details for the garden)
  • also decided to have a car wash to raise money for the garden, possible dates for the car wash: Sat, May 21; Sat, June 4; Sat, June 18
  • We will need lots of help so we will try to pick the date when the most youth can be there  –  so please let me know which of these dates are good for you
  • to get the word out, once we pick a date, we talked about making posters and putting it in the newspapers and church newsletter (talked about writing an article for the newsletter that highlights the Freewill Dinner as well)
  • Talked about some names for the Youth Group and making signs to post where we are (if we are cleaning the church yard, we can have our sign up so people know who we are) – there was a suggestion that we include on the sign some place:  In God We Trust
  • A few new activities were added to the list of what we might like to do (original list is in 3/27 email below): visit people at a nursing home; go to the Maritime Museum
  • We are also planning to meet on Sunday, April 17 at 11:30 am

March 20, 2011 Meeting

At the first meeting, we brainstormed ideas of what we might do, including:

  • plant a garden (cucumbers, squash, carrots, pumpkins); possibly donate the food to freewill dinner
  • pick apples, berries
  • bake (apple pie, blueberry muffins, etc)
  • bake sale (bake cookies, muffins)
  • visit Abbott’s farm, Baldwinsville (goats, corn maze) or Beaver Lake Nature Center
  • raise money for some cause
  • car wash
  • mini fair (set-up for young kids)
  • treasure hunt (set-up for young kids)
  • clean up places

We are always looking for more ideas.  Also, we will have an activity at each meeting – hoping more youth will join us at our next meeting on Sunday, April 3 after worship/Sunday School (around 11:30 am)

The church is actually having a Fellowship Luncheon on April 3 (and Pastor Chuck says that the Youth Group can get their lunch first and head to the Youth Group meeting) – check out details about the lunch at the church website.  (If your family is not staying for the lunch, don’t worry about bringing anything – there will be plenty to eat I am sure and we will make arrangements for plates and utensils, etc). The church is providing beverages.


Anyone with ideas or questions can contact Debbie (Rockhill) Daby {343-8301 / or email her} or Randy Dohse {343-6097 or email him}.