Upcoming Youth Group Activities

Car Wash – Date in mid-summer to be determined

  • we will be finalizing plans over the upcoming Youth Group meetings in May – ideas so far:
  • will want various stations (rinsing, washing, rinsing, etc) for the car wash
  • offer lemonade station where people can sit and wait for their car to be finished (have not decided how much to charge yet for lemonade; may want to offer some other items)
  • plan to ask for donations instead setting a price for the car wash
  • need to pull supplies together or purchase – will need: hoses, buckets, soap, sponges, etc
  • will need to make signs and get the word out
  • we will need LOTS OF HELP – youth and adults – to make this a success  –  anyone can join us to help for the day – even if you have not attended Youth Group meetings
  • we need more than just car washers – we also need people to hold advertising signs, direct traffic, serve the lemonade, collect the donations – there is a job for everyone!
  • we would appreciate knowing ahead of time who can help so we can plan accordingly – if you are able to help out on this day, please let us know ASAP

Vegetable Garden – planted in mid-June

THANKS to Cole Rothrock, Mrs. Linda McFall and Randy Dohse for planting the garden (Debbie Daby played a role – you will have to see the garden to guess what she did – did not technically involve planting).  Of course, a big THANK YOU also goes out to the men who prepped the ground for planting and Pastor Chuck for the ongoing watering
Radishes, beans and gourds have broken through the soil and carrots will be soon.  Plants are looking good too:  tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower and cucumbers.

Next step: We will need to do some weeding at some point

Feel free to contact Randy Dohse {343-6097 / mrdohse@yahoo.com} or Debbie (Rockhill) Daby {343-8301 / ddaby@twcny.rr.com} or Pastor Chuck with any questions.

Summer Activity ideas

We have brainstormed some ideas on activities that we could do during the summer – please let us know which of these activities you would be interested in or if you have other activity ideas:

  • origami
  • berry picking – maybe making something with the berries
  • play board games
  • visit some place – any ideas?

We also need to know if we would want the activities to be on some evenings or try weekends (though, people are often busy then).

Future Meeting Dates

The Youth Group, open to anyone in 5th grade or higher, is scheduled to meet the following Sundays after worship until 11:30 am (remember, summer worship starts at 9:30 am, so MY GOD meetings will be starting around 10:30 am):

  • July 10
  • July 24
  • August 7
  • August 21

Please note that the Youth Group website address has been changed: www.minettoumc.org/programming/youth-group –  check it out for updates as we move ahead with our plans.