What is the Secret Sister Program? The Secret Sister program is an outreach ministry for women in our church fellowship. All of the ladies of our church are invited to participate. If you participate you will draw a name and that woman becomes your Secret Sister for a year. You become her silent prayer partner and her secret up-lifter. She doesn’t know who you are. Likewise someone will be caring for you in that way too. Secret Sisters are about encouraging, praying for, and supporting each other in small ways.

How do I get a Secret Sister? Attached to this letter is an information sheet called ” ALL ABOUT ME“. Fill out the form and return it to Nancy Prarie before Sunday, July 3. It can be handed to Nancy any time between now and then, or mailed to Nancy at 2949 St. Rt. 48. Oswego, NY 13126. On July 17 (after worship) you will have an opportunity to draw one of the “All About Me” forms and that person becomes your Secret Sister. If you draw your own name, you will need to draw another form. Vernon Tryon is the holder of our Secret Sisters. He will record the name of your sister and then file the information away secretly until it is time to reveal the names. If a snag develops for some reason, he manages to resolve the problem. Such occurrences have been rare. If for some reason you are unable to be in church on July 17, you may draw an information sheet the following Sunday. It will all work out regardless of when you draw, and it will still be a secret. Don’t let the drawing date discourage you. However, IT IS important to RETURN your All About Me information sheet by July 3.

What responsibility do I have as a Secret Sister? Once names are drawn you can immediately begin sending notes, cards, or special secret greetings that can continue throughout the year. If during the year you wish to give a special gift to your Secret Sister, there is a place in the library where they can be dropped off. We haven’t set a maximum dollar amount for gift giving. However, it is important that we be modest since not everyone is able to afford gift giving. Keep in mind that it is the thought that counts. Something homemade, a sweet treat, or a simple gift is an appropriate way to say “You’re in my thoughts”.

Make an effort to get to know your Secret Sister. (In secret of course). Get acquainted during coffee hour, at meetings, or church activities. If you don’t know who she is, ask someone to point her out so you can get acquainted. Pray for your Secret Sister. Keep her in your thoughts. Please send a message at least once a month. Remember those special holidays, or occasions like her birthday or anniversary. Send a get well card if you know she is ill.

Thinking about our Secret Sisters daily, and sending a little “hello” card at least monthly is why the program is so enjoyable. It’s especially nice to receive those notes saying you’re being thought about or remembered in a special way, or for a special reason. Your faithfulness in doing that is what will make the program successful. If for some reason you are unable to continue participating in the program, let Vernon know so that another “sister” can be found for the lady you were assigned.
Above all, enjoy the experience. If you haven’t been a secret sister in the past, consider being part of the program this year. Or, if you have always been in the secret sister program, we hope you will continue to participate this year. Nancy Prarie 315-342-3915

Click here to download ALL ABOUT ME information form.