The Finance and Stewardship Committee is composed of persons who have primary responsibility for the financial aspects of church operation. The committee meets monthly and examines the income and expenditures of the church, looks at stewardship needs, and compiles the annual church budget. They deal with investments and managing those investments in consultation with the Administrative Council. Members are elected for one year. They may also serve on a committee of the Council on Ministries.

Membership includes: chairperson; vice chairperson; treasurer; financial secretary; lay leader; Administrative Council chairperson; lay member of Annual Conference; chairperson of Altar and Memorials Committee; chairperson of Pastor, Staff, Parish Relations Committee; representative of Trustees; and as many at-large members as deemed appropriate.

Any member of our congregation is welcome to attend any of the committee’s meetings. There is normally a summary of our meetings in the church newsletter. Copies of the budget or any of our reports will be provided upon request to Vernon Tryon, chairman.