Altar & Memorials Committee

This committee of four persons in addition to the pastor is elected annually. Members have responsibility for review and recommendations about who is listed for memorial flowers and for the purchase of memorials for the church. One member of the committee will be responsible for memorial contribution acknowledgments and keeping the memorial records up to date. The committee reports to the Finance and Stewardship Committee. Members may also serve on a committee of the Council on Ministries.

If you wish to have flowers on the altar in honor of or in memory of someone during the year, you are asked to contact the Church Secretary and let him know which Sunday in a particular month you wish to honor someone special. Give him the person’s name and your name as the giver. He will keep a record of the names for the entire year. The information you give him will be printed in the appropriate Sunday bulletin and the flowers for that Sunday will be your responsibility.

Please refer to the church’s policy for handling memorial funds.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please call one of the Altar Committee people: Linda McFall; Jean Kingsley; Nancy Prarie; Mary Cipra, chairperson; or Pastor Chuck Forbes.