September will begin another year of Second Tuesday. This year’s study is titled Adventurous Prayer. Barbara Johnson, (Women of Faith team) asks the question, what’s the big deal about prayer? We know we should all do it more often, take it more seriously, and give it more time—but we don’t. Does that mean that prayer is optional? Christians know that is not the case. Barbara goes on to say that Prayer isn’t some kind of requirement for believers. It is a privilege we have. We have the ear of God, and prayer is the path to the adventure of building a relationship with Him. God knows what is going on in our lives. He hears the voices of little children, the concerns of parents, and the groans and sighs of the aging.


This year, the Second Tuesday sessions will concentrate on prayer and will focus on some of those ideas. Second Tuesday builds upon the faith journeys we have all started. Consider being a part of this growing fellowship for women. Second Tuesday meets monthly at 6:30 PM and concludes by 8 PM. A study guide is prepared ahead of time and is found on the display case in the hallway, or you can download a copy from the church website. ( Our time together is devoted to discussions around single passages of Bible verses. The materials are not sequential so attending does not depend upon previous sessions. Second Tuesday is a time for reflection, discussion and fellowship. You are invited to attend any or all of the Second Tuesday fellowship times during the year. Our first meeting is the Second Tuesday in September which is September 11th. Come, you will be welcome to this growing woman’s fellowship.


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