Because of conflicting schedules during the first week of every month, it has been decided to move the Women’s monthly Bible Study meetings to the Second Tuesday of each month.
We will change the name to avoid confusion and the change will begin in November. First Tuesday will become Second Tuesday. The next Second Tuesday session will be held on November 8th, at 6:30 PM.  The subject that evening in our Managing your Moods series is titled “Temper, Temper.”

When we delve into the moods and emotions that influence our lives, anger is not difficult to spot. But it can be very difficult to let go of.  The Bible is full of wisdom and practical advice when it comes to anger and we’ll explore some of those passages for new insights.

Second Tuesday is open to all women. Although the overall theme is the same, each session is different and does not require attendance at a previous session. Come and be part of this growing fellowship as we grow in our own faith journeys.


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