Feeding 1 million people in 1 year, June 2011-June 2012. That is the Vision of the Upper New York Annual Conference: To live the gospel of Jesus Christ and to be God’s love WITH our neighbors in ALL places. Hunger is on the rise in Upstate New York. Nearly 15% of people living in Upstate New York do not have enough food to meet their needs. The face of hunger is growing and changing. Did you know that last year Upper New York food banks served more children and senior citizens than ever before? Neighbors…

The Upper New York Annual Conference, in partnership with Hands4NY, has set a goal of feeding one million people in one year.  Local churches are asked to keep a record of the number of meals served to those in need, the number of pounds of food donations that are given, money gifts, and the number of hours of volunteer time spent in serving the hungry. Our pastor will collect the details of our efforts.

More information can be found on the Upper New York Annual Conference website.

The Conference has set October 15, 2011, as a time to organize and participate in a hunger impact event. On one day, churches are called on to work with the community, shoulder to shoulder, investing in each other to reduce hunger. Along the way, to make new friends and build authentic relationships – just like Jesus did. Choose to organize:

  • A monthly food drive
  • A gleaning at a local farm
  • A campus kitchen feeding program
  • The preparation of a community garden
  • A “fill-a-backpack, feed-a-family” initiative
  • The sponsoring of a crop walk

You decide for your community what the greatest need is and what will make the most impact.

Because October 15 is the date of our annual Harvest Turkey Dinner, we have chosen July 30 for our hunger impact event. We will provide and serve the dinner at the Oswego Salvation Army that day. It falls during Harborfest so we may have to deal with some extra challenges. Watch for details and opportunities to participate.


Food Collections:
Lbs of food/1.3 = the number of meals = one person fed
Example: 25 lbs of food/1.3 = 19 meals -or- 19 people fed

Meal Programs:
Number of people served = Number of people fed

Cash donations:
$2.50 = 1 meal = 1 person fed


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