Pastor to Conduct Confirmation Class

On January 5, 2011, in Events, by MUMC

Confirmation Class Formation

From the very beginning of the Christian story, the concept of faith as a journey has been part of our tradition. All of us who call Jesus Christ “Lord” are on this faith journey together, regardless of our ages. Some of us are further along than others, but we are all in the process of becoming who God would have us to be.

For United Methodists, this idea of faith as journey is expressed in John Wesley‟s image of “going on to perfection.” Wesley firmly believed that we are to grow toward the time when we will know constantly and consciously the power and presence of Christ in our lives; the time when Christ will be the center point of all we think, all we do, and all we say.
On this journey, faith experiences will help shape and mold children and youth into loyal and steadfast disciples. This series of experiences begins for many in infancy, at baptism. It continues as parents, family members, Sunday school teachers, youth leaders, pastors, and other members of the congregation work to help children and youth learn and grow.

At the appropriate time, usually in early adolescence, we experience a major milestone in our pilgrimage: confirming, or making firm, our personal commitment to our baptismal faith. This act of confirming, of making our first public profession of our baptismal faith, is what we call confirmation.

Our goal is for youth to claim the name Christian. We want them to accept the salvation God offers them in Christ, to know how to live as Christians in our materialistic and individualistic culture, and to be able to respond to the pressures and realities of life as Christ‟s disciples as they continue to go on to perfection.

Therefore, I ask that parents contact me if they have a child in 7th grade or older that they would like to have confirmed. This confirmation class will be open to adults also who have not been confirmed. I can be contacted at (315) 343.3465 or

Pastor Chuck


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