First Tuesday

Greetings to  past, present, and potential First Tuesday members,

It is time to start thinking about restarting our First Tuesday sessions. We will have our next First Tuesday session in February, which would be February 1st. First Tuesday is a Women’s Bible study that meets once a month on the First Tuesday of each month. We will meet in the Mowry Lounge at 7 PM. We conclude by 8:30. All women are invited to participate.

After looking over potential materials I have decided upon another series of Women of Faith studies that sound interesting for our purposes. The overall study is called “Celebrating Friendship.” There are 6 sessions in the study. The first session is called “Wanted, a Few Good Women.” The study will give us some tools and helpful ideas to help us in our faith journey with other women who want to grow, too. The study will allow us to delve into scripture and consider its relevance to our everyday life, but it will also be an opportunity to get to know other women’s questions, struggles, and victories–many similar, some quite different from our own. It looks like the study will allow us to be ourselves, to share honestly, to care for one another, and to laugh together when we take ourselves too seriously. Each session will have 6 parts.

  • Part 1: A moment of quiet reflection.  This part of the session will be for you to read ahead of time. There will be some questions to reflect upon that we can talk about as a group when we come together.
  • Part 2: Knowing God’s heart.  There will be some questions in this section that can be answered by reading some Bible passages. We’ll work through the readings together where you will have a chance to share your understanding of the passages. I’ll also give you those Bible readings ahead of time in case you want to read them over before we meet.
  • Part 3: Friendship boosters.  A big part of why we meet is to deepen our friendships with each other and to support each other in meaningful ways. The questions and activities in this part will link us together in bonds of friendship, faith, and joy. Whether we have women who are new to First Tuesday, or if we’re old friends, this part will boost the quality and pleasure we have in our relationships, as well as give us an opportunity to support each other in practical ways.
  • Part 4: Just for fun.  God’s plan for us isn’t all work and no play. Each session will offer an opportunity to do an activity that will encourage us to laugh, and lighten our load as we travel the path of our faith journey.
  • Part 5: Praying together.  Nothing is more important than asking God to help us and our friends as we learn how to live out his truths in our lives. Each time we get together we will want to spend some time talking to God about our individual and mutual concerns.
  • Part 6: Making it real in your own life.  We will take some ideas home with us after our group session. This is critical because it will help us discover more ways to apply what we’ve learned in our our own lives in the days ahead.

Marilyn Meeberg said “May we not become so busy, harried, and overcommitted that we neglect that part of our soul that is fed and sustained by friendship.”

There aren’t any trinkets to treasure in this study, but we will be able to take with us the joy of being together in fellowship, a step or two along our faith journey, and an opportunity to be Women of Faith. I hope you will consider joining us on February 1st for this new beginning.

Study materials will be ready shortly. Look for them on the display case, or as an attachment to the next First Tuesday email.

June Tryon 343-9692 or email me at with questions.

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