Calling Oswego-area Church Choirs & Singers

On January 19, 2011, in Events, by MUMC

The Minetto United Methodist Church invites you and your choir, and any other musicians who may be interested, to join us in a combined choir to present Celebrate Life on Palm Sunday, April 17, at 3:00 P.M.

Celebrate Life is a pulpit drama written by the accomplished team of Buryl Red and Regan Courtney. Although first composed in the 1970s, this timeless, energetic work is a bestselling classic which tells the entire story of Christ from prophesy, through his birth, ministry, death, burial, and resurrection. The story is told by 4 narrators (Ministers Elyse Skiles, Tammi Nipper, Tim Gleason, and Chuck Forbes), Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, in conversation tone, and is punctuated by songs throughout the tale. It takes about 45 – 50 minutes from beginning to end. The piece is filled with music that can be pulled out for use in a regular service as anthems, and is scored for 4 parts, with optional 3 or 2 parts included. This makes the work accessible for every choir.

Spiral bound scores are available from, and cost $8.95. There are also listening CDs ($9.98 with a discount if more than 10 are purchased) and rehearsal tracks ($60. for a reproducible set of one each S, A, T, & B) Some older, bound versions were for sale on for as low as $4.

There are songs which will be omitted from the presentation: We Are 3 Kings and possibly, Hello Baby.

The program will be directed by Mary Lou Bjorkman. A free will dinner will take place at the Minetto Church that afternoon serving from 4:30 to 6:30 P.M. The dinner has been planned and will be prepared and served by Girl Scout Troop 391.  The menu will be hot turkey sandwiches, mashed potatoes, vegetables, and dessert. Donations are not expected but will be accepted.

Ideally, your choir can prepare the songs as part of their regular rehearsals. We will have one combined rehearsal for music only, TBA,  and one dress rehearsal with sound and narration on Saturday, April 16. There are 3 female soloists needed,  medium high, medium, and medium low. To accompany the drama, we will try to gather a small ensemble of guitars, flute, drums, and keyboards. Other instruments can be worked in. Any praise band members would be well equipped to play. The Minetto Chancel Choir will be practicing the songs from Celebrate Life over several upcoming weeks at the end of its regular choir rehearsal on Thursday evenings. Anyone who would like to join us can let Mary Lou know and she will send a schedule.

What a wonderful way to begin the holiest week of the church year: a celebration in story and song,  joining together in Christian fellowship and raising our voices with the news: He Is Alive! Please contact either Pastor Chuck or Mary Lou with any questions and to save a space for you and your choir. RSVP as soon as possible.


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